Spring Cleaning Can Help Your Library

Are you looking for ways to help out your local library? One suggestion that could be helpful to you and to your library at the same time is a spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning for your home will help with all the dust, bacteria, and allergens that are there, and it is an important part of keeping your home looking nice and dealing with cleaning issues that are too big or regular, daily cleaning.

How does it help the library, though, when you clean your home? Read on to find out.

The Library Needs Donations

Most people know that their local library probably has some funding struggles. Libraries don’t make much money and tend to rely on donations for new books and for upgrades. There simply isn’t enough money allotted to the library by the government to do all that we need to do to keep things looking new and interesting all the time. A lot of work goes into the library, and many of the displays and new materials are provided by generous donations of library and friends of the library.

At the library, we are all readers, and we love to see new books come in and new decorations go up, but we can’t always make that happen on our own. We need help. That’s where you come in.

As guests and visitors to the library, you get to benefit from the free book borrowing services and other amenities the library offers, like computer usage, internet access, printing services, research, writing help, and more.

You can help support your library by design more than just frequenting it and borrowing books sometimes. You can help out by buying books or our library sales and supporting other events the library holds to earn money. You can also help out by donating items. If you have any books, furniture, or decorations to donate, please feel free to bring them in.

We cannot accept every donation, unfortunately, because some of them do not fit the library’s goals or current themes, but we are thankful for every donation offered. You can be sure of that. We appreciate it when people think of us and try to do nice things to support their local library.

If you are not sure if your library can accept your donation, then please give us a call and find out before you take the trouble of bringing it here. We will be happy to assess your donation over the phone and let you know if it is something we can use. We are absolutely thrilled when people are interested in donating to the library.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Maybe you feel intimidated by spring cleaning or you are not sure how to do it effectively. That’s okay, at the library, we are experts on a lot of subjects, including spring cleaning for the home. Here are our best tips to help you get through spring cleaning quickly. If you want your best spring cleaning ever, just follow these suggestions.

Take It One Room at a Time- Don’t try to work on the entire house at once. If you just take it one room at a time, you can focus on finishing a room or two each day and not have a big, disorganized mess at the end of each day. This also allows you to take breaks and not feel as stressed during the process.

Make a Plan- It can help to figure out what you want to do with your spring cleaning before you do it. Plan out your days and what areas you want to focus on. Make a list of what you hope to accomplish so you can feel like you are making progress and keep track of everything that you wanted to do.

Buy Cleaning Supplies- Don’t start spring cleaning without first checking to see if you have all the supplies you need in order to clean. Buy more disinfectant, floor cleaner, and other chemicals solutions that you might run out of partway through. Having to stop and buy new items can slow you down, so get this out of the way early on.

Get Boxes for Donations- There may be some stuff you want to toss out and some stuff you want to give away. Source some boxes from your local grocery before you start cleaning so you have a place to store everything as you clean. That way, you won’t end up with piles of items that look untidy. You can also move your donations more easily for they are kept in boxes.

Get Help if Necessary- Spring cleaning can be a big job, and you may find it is too much for you to handle. It is not a bad idea to have a professional cleaning company come and do at least part of it for you, like the more difficult areas that could include the kitchen and bathroom.

What Can You Give Your Library?

As you clean, you want to keep an eye out for anything the library could use. First on the list should be books. We always want books for all age levels. It doesn’t matter if they are somewhat used or if they are research books, school books, and other books that might not be desirable to most people. Nearly every book can find a place in the library. Books we might reject or have to get rid of would be ones that we already have multiple copies of or ones that are in really bad shape.

We may also be able to use toys and play area items for our play area. These should be cleaned and in good condition for the library to use.

We can sometimes use decorations, especially for seasonal events. We may be able to make use of your Christmas, Halloween, and Independence Day decorations.

We can also use some furniture, like couches, chairs, and tables. These help to fill out our reading areas and make them more inviting.

If you are excited to clean and to donate to the library, consider keeping us in mind the next time you do spring cleaning. We appreciate all donations sent our way. 






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