About Us

Our Vision

We want to empower the Carmel, California community with an extensive library of knowledge and our personal expertise in research. We also would like to strengthen the community through the use of strategic partnerships.

The Library Mission

Harrison Memorial Library offers a wealth of knowledge that is available to the public. We want to promote a culture where we understand each other better, where we share knowledge freely, and where we are transparent in our actions and beliefs. We believe the library is a great place for people to come and understand each other better. We intentionally engage with our local community and the larger society through library programs. These are geared to people of all ages, because we think learning is important for everyone, and we strongly believe that no one is too old to learn.

The library builds partnerships with community centers and programs, government bodies, and outreach operations. We invest in collections that include digital and physical libraries. We offer access to knowledge not only through books but also through computers and a connection to the Internet and the wider world.

We believe it is important to offer resources that will allow people to grow and develop themselves, even if they do not have the ability to obtain those resources for themselves. We think everyone should be given the same opportunities as much as possible, and the library is a place where that can happen. Everybody has access to the same books and the same knowledge base, which puts us all on an even level in some small way, and we think that is beautiful.

We invest in the people of our community by carefully choosing books to add to our collection that we think will enrich those who visit us. We offer programs that interest children and help them see the value of reading. We also provide resources for research and education for those who want to continue their studies or those that need assistance in gaining an education.

The Values We Hold Dear

We promote principles of inclusion, diversity, democracy, and equality. We do this by offering access to information that is as broad as it can possibly be. We also make it easy for people to discover ways to advance and enrich themselves. The library is a place for everybody to come together as a community, to learn together, and to grow together. We value the greater good, and we are doing our part to enrich the lives of those in our community and give them free access to information that can prove invaluable in their lives.

A promising career can often start with access to the right kinds of books. Someone who is struggling with any number of problems can get help by reading a book that addresses their problem. Someone who’s looking for friends, exploration, or adventure can find it all here in the library among our books. The Harrison Memorial Library is for everyone, and all are welcome.