How to Create Great Spaces for Reading

Where do you and your children like to read? Do you have a favorite spot you go to when you grab a book and just curl up and read for hours? Maybe there is a particular chair or couch you prefer when you have some coffee and open a book for a relaxing read.

For each person, there are particular reasons why a spot will make a good reading nook. For those who are not as fond of reading, it may be tough to find a great place to read. If you have family members you are trying to get to do more reading or you would like to be more comfortable reading, then you may want to create ideal reading spots.

As librarians, we know what makes a great place to read, and we want to share some of our knowledge with you. After all, the library should be the home of knowledge.

Different Positions for Different Moods

Sometimes, we like to read sitting up, and other times, we prefer to read lying down. Preferred reading position depends on how we feel at the moment and particularly whether we are tired or not. Just before bed, you might want to relax in a spot to read where you can recline and then put the book away before you fall asleep. The bed may be the best place for that. For those who fall asleep easily when they are lying down, they may need a chair or couch so they can sit up the entire time they’re reading.

You may want to have multiple reading spots picked out and prepare those places so that you can easily transition from one to the other as your mood changes. You might start out sitting in your favorite chair reading a book and then feel tired but not want to stop reading. So, you can move to the bed and keep on reading until you’re ready to sleep. We mentioned this simply to remind you to prepare multiple places for reading spots and not just have a single one.

Give Yourself Room

Your reading spot should have room for you to stretch out and not have to feel like you need to curl up in a ball, unless you want to be curled up. There should be room enough for you to feel comfortable, and there should be room for you to rest a drink, like a cup of water, tea, or coffee. You also want a place to set down your phone or book so that you can leave them at your reading spot and not need to carry them around with you to a better location. We recommend always having a place to rest your book for your reading location. That way, you can place the book down there whenever you’re not reading and know exactly where to find it when you’re ready to resume.

For those who read very quickly, it may be helpful to have a place to store multiple books by the reading location. That way, you can easily start off your next book after you finish the one you’re currently on, and you never even have to get out of your seat.

Make It Clean

Your reading area should be very comfortable, and one way to keep it comfy is to keep it clean. Even if you don’t clean all of your house frequently, you ought to clean the rooms you spend a lot of time in. If you’re going to be reading for a while, it’s wise to keep that space clean for a variety of reasons.

A clean room reduces stress, as things are tidy and organized and don’t distract you from what you’re trying to do. A clean room also has fewer allergens and irritants, so you can breathe more easily and you’re less likely to cough or sneeze. A clean room is also more likely to make you feel comfortable, because there will be little dust and dirt that will irritate your skin and make you itch.

To get your reading room really clean, consider professional cleaning. Having deep cleaning or professional cleaning done every so often in your reading room can keep it extremely tidy and make it even more comfortable to use.

Make Sure There Is Plenty of Light

When reading, you want adequate light to read from. You don’t want to have to strain your eyes, as that can lead to vision problems and tiredness from extended reading sessions. With lots of light to read by, you can read for longer periods of time without feeling tired. That makes for more comfortable reading.

It’s best to have overhead light set up to read by. That way, the light shines directly on to the pages. You should angle your seat so that the light is behind and above you. This gives you the best light. Multiple lights coming from different angles can be beneficial so that your head does not create a shadow that blocks the light from behind you. When setting up a reading area, carefully consider the lighting arrangement. Try out different seating locations to find one that works best.

You may want to use an adjustable light, like a nightstand lamp or a tall, flexible lamp that can be moved around to give you the best possible lighting. To make your reading area comfortable, it could be helpful to set up lighting just for that area. Make sure the bulb you use is bright enough to give you adequate light.

Final Thoughts

Your reading area can be a favorite place to spend time, and you can have many great memories there of the books you’ve read. It’s smart to take some time to prepare your reading area properly so that it’s more enjoyable to hang out there. Make it as comfortable and convenient as possible so that your reading time is not disturbed. Then, the only thing that’s missing is a good book, and we have plenty of those.






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